Sunday, 10 September 2017

Feedback from participants after the event

By Edna Spennato

On the Solar Eclipse of 21 August, around 177 people and animals around the world got together in spirit for a distant healing event focused on the highest good of all, for all of life on our planet.

The treatment process was facilitated by Edna Spennato, tuning in from the highlands of Bahia, Brazil, with the help of four surrogates, in South Africa, the USA and Argentina, anchoring the healing energy on behalf of the morphic field of the planet.

Each participant was worked on personally, as well as being part of the group, and provided crucial "on the ground" support to the beings of light who assist the facilitator and guide the treatment process. During the treatment, healing energy is brought in at various stages, and disharmonic and unneeded energies are released from the collective energy field, via the physical bodies of the participants.

 Our next group distant healing event: Equinox - 22 September

Our next group distant healing event for 2017 will be happening on the day of the Equinox, 22 September 2017. You are are welcome to join us for this event, either as a once-off participant or as an annual member of Earth Heal, participating in all the distant healing events in the coming year.

All the membership info can be accessed via this link, and more info about the event will be posted here a bit closer to the time.

Detailed reports about the steps that came up during the treatment process are sent to all participants via e-mail in the days following each event, but are not published online. To read the details about what we are working with in each event, and to experience these energies for yourself, we invite you to participate in our next group healing event on 22 September.

 The Solar Eclipse Radio Tower Crop Circle of 17 August 2017, in Essex, UK


Excerpts from the feedback sent after the event...