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Extracts from Carol Ann Ciocco's latest newletter...

Atomic Hybrid Eclipse, Out of Africa
The Burning Way
3 November 2013

by Carol Ann Ciocco



carol - may 18.2013
blessings from Carol Ann Ciocco 
...Even if this newsletter reaches you after the calendar dates/times mentioned, keep in mind that eclipses are in effect for at least 30 days before and 30 days after the exact eclipse. So you can bring your awareness to the locations and themes described here at any time that is convenient for your spiritual engagement.

As mentioned in my recent newsletter ( we are moving toward a very powerful eclipse on November 3, 2013.

This eclipse is an unusual kind of eclipse and it is also ramped up because it is combined with the outer planet configuration Uranus square Pluto two days before. These few days present a special opportunity for raising our conscious co-creation, part of an ongoing path of transformation centering around the year 2012. Humanity is walking the Fiery Path, the Burning Way, of awakening.

Each section below is a theme for prayer, meditation, ceremony etc during the time of the eclipse (in addition to some basic 'Stats'). Each section provides themes/ideas that you can bring to consciousness if you would like to guide your gaze along with the gaze of the eclipsing Sun. The path of the eclipse is detailed so that you can engage your consciousness geographically as well...


Unless you are in Africa to view the totality of the November 3, 2013Hybrid Solar Eclipse in person, you might want to meditate, pray and conduct ceremony during the eclipse at these times: 


(1) at the moment of sunrise - Annularity - 15 SECONDS - from 11:05:21 seconds UT to 11:05:36 seconds UT;  


(2) at the moment of greatest eclipse over Africa - 99 SECONDS - at 14:27 UT;  


(3) at the last moment of eclipse at sunset over Somalia - LESS THAN A SECOND - at 14:27 UT; and 


(4) with a general focus during the entire eclipse time-span: 10:05 UT to 15:28 UT .

No matter where you are on earth - whether you can see the eclipse or not - you can still bring your consciousness to it as mentioned above. The path starts in the Atlantic east of Florida, moves southward as it travels east, and crosses central Africa. Below is the timing for its journey.     


NOTE: if you are on the East Coast of the U.S. you will be able to see the the eclipse at sunrise on November 3, 2013. This is truly amazing as you will be seeing the eclipse in its extremely brief Annular state, appearing for only 15 SECONDS as a Ring of Fire. (See the sections/links entitled 'Stats' and 'Hybrid' for more information on Hybrid eclipses and for a full list of all places where the eclipse can be seen)    


Also: on the East Coast of the United States, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am on November 3rd, so if you are getting up to watch the eclipse, set your clocks forward one hour before calculating your viewing time.  


If you are in one of the viewing areas, you might consider doing your meditation, prayer and ceremony OUTSIDE while watching the eclipse. Just be careful - don't look directly at the Sun! IMPORTANT: never look directly at a solar eclipse! Safe viewing information can be found here:    







Following the Eye of the Eclipse:

Please adjust for your time zone. You can convert the time at this website: 


(1) The eclipse experience occurs from 10:05 UT to 15:28 UT on November 3, 2013.


(2) The eclipse experience begins at 10:05 UT as the Moon's shadow strikes the Earth at SUNRISE in the North Atlantic Ocean about 621 miles due east of Jacksonville Florida, about midway between Bermuda and Puerto Rico.  


(3) At this point, there will be a 15-SECOND ANNULAR Eclipse - a Ring of Fire - from 11:05:21 seconds UT to 11:05:36 seconds UT. This is VERY important, whether you can see it or not. It is a sudden and fleeting flash of light and information, and very unique. (Note: this is the Annular part of the Hybrid eclipse: see the section/link below entitled 'Hybrid' for more information.)   


(4) Then the moment of greatest eclipse (Totality) occurs over the Atlantic Ocean at 12:47:36 UT, approximately 200 miles southwest of Liberia. Totality lasts for 99 SECONDS (1 minute 39 seconds). Many eclipse watchers will be in GABON, AFRICA to view Totality. 


(5) Next the eclipse will be seen at 12:50 UT over the following locations: the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya.   


(6) The last view of the eclipse will occur at SUNSET, over Somalia at 14:27 UT. Somalia is an extremely dangerous location. So westerners will not be able to attempt to see the eclipse here. But it will present a strange and rare twist - it will last literally for LESS THAN ONE SECOND and could resemble a diamond tiara (!)


(7) The entire eclipse experience ends at 15:28 UT as the shadow races off surface of the earth. 



This Hybrid Eclipse is quite amazing! Here is an informational video showing the path and details of the eclipse: 

View Video


AND Here is a video of the eclipse path across the earth. Please take a look at it, it will help you to Synch up your gaze with the gaze of the Eclipse Eye: 


This page has a lot of information on the eclipse:


As mentioned above: the Total Eclipse portion of the Hybrid eclipse will be seen over Africa. The Annular (Ring of Fire) portion will be seen from the east coast of the U.S. HOWEVER the eclipse will be seen from many other places. At this link you can find out if and when you might see the eclipse in your area:   



Click here for details on the HYBRID nature of the November 3, 2013 eclipse:

Only 7 of the 224 solar eclipses in the 21st century will be Hybrid Eclipses. What makes the November 3, 2013 Hybrid eclipse even more extraordinary, however, has to do with the very beginning of the eclipse track. It starts as annular and undergoes the change to total after only 15 seconds, then remains total to the very end of its path. It is, in effect, a total eclipse with zero duration, a 'grazing' eclipse. /// GMOs; Chiron Connection October 1977 


Click here for details on the ATOMIC nature of the November 3, 2013:  


Plutonium; Critical Mass; Fukushima; Seal the Door /// Radioactive energies on the planet are 2nd Dimension (2D) elemental energies that must go back into their telluric home. We must find ways to return elementals to their domain by transmuting radiation and chemicals. These elements long for the rich darkness of Earth when her surface is soaked in photonic light. The energies of the 2011/2012 portal will trigger an elemental process of stabilization - and your part of the process is clearance of your own bodies.

Click here for details concerning the eclipse's journey OUT OF AFRICA:  

Cradle of Humanity; Polar Brushes; Solar Pole Reversal /// Changes to the Sun's polarity will ripple all throughout the solar system, affecting not only earth but all other planetary bodies. This eclipse is a transmitter of the 11-year-cycle of solar pole reversal. When the light flashes from the Ring of Fire and from Totality, the message is ramped up and stacked with illumination. /// Dangerous Sunset; Less than one second Tiara

Click here for details concerning the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO which occurs on November 1, 2013, two days before the eclipse:
The Uranus Square Pluto charts reveal that the masses are going to receive a revelation of truth. The solar system is having a mystical awakening - and it is taking place on earth. Gentle heart energies that bring a sense of inspiration and the illumination of ideas. The sudden release of material from the unconscious which brings with it a great deal of insight....

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