14 September 2016


 - The Earth plays a much bigger role in creating the amazing light show than most people realise.

The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet. The usual explanation given by tour guides and in books is that charged particles carried by solar winds from the sun hit the Earth’s magnetic field.

But if this was the whole story, the aurora borealis, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and Boreas, the Greek name for the north wind, would hardly be visible as it would take place during the day, physicist Dr Melanie Windridge pointed out.

And the particles themselves do not actually have enough energy to create some of the staggering light shows seen closer to the poles.

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15 May 2016

 - With more than two years of measurements by ESA's Swarm satellite trio, changes in the strength of Earth's magnetic field are being mapped in detail. Launched at the end of 2013, Swarm is measuring and untangling the different magnetic signals from Earth's core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere - an undertaking that will take several years to complete.

Although invisible, the magnetic field and electric currents in and around Earth generate complex forces that have immeasurable effects on our everyday lives. The field can be thought of as a huge bubble, protecting us from cosmic radiation and electrically charged atomic particles that bombard Earth in solar winds. However, it is in a permanent state of flux.

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16 October 2014

 - A new study by a team of scientists from Italy, France, Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley, demonstrates that the last magnetic reversal actually happened very quickly, in less than 100 years - roughly a human lifetime.

Earth's magnetic field has flipped many times throughout our planet's history. Our world has a north and south dipole driven by convection in Earth's iron core as it interacts with charged particles from our galaxy 'Milky Way' mostly of cosmic rays and also solar rays from our Sun.

For reasons yet fully known, Earth's magnetic field periodically weakens setting into motion a chain of events which causes destabilizing of Earth's fluids - mostly of magma and also ocean's and ice. These natural cyclical events cause the shifting of weather patterns, climate, elevated earth changing events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.

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11 August 2013

- It has long been known that migratory birds and homing pigeons use the earth's magnetic field for orientation, but new scientific research shows that ducks and geese also use more than sun and wind to find their way.

Zoologist Hynek Burda from Duisburg-Essen University in western Germany observed thousands of ducks and geese from Botswana to Canada in an effort to understand how the birds always managed perfect landings on water.

“Until now, the use of the earth's magnetic field for orientation has only been investigated with migratory birds and homing pigeons,” said Burda

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20 January 2012

- The coldest-ever December in Russia led to the evacuation of hundreds of people in Siberia, where temperatures fell below -50 degrees Celsius and unrelenting snowfalls have caused unprecedented chaos. The polar circle city of Norilsk was been buried under 10 feet of snow – entire apartment blocks, markets, stores and offices.

While northern Russia sees record snowfall and cold temperatures, Sydney Australia in the southern Hemisphere is experiencing searing temperatures of 46 C (115.7°F).

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15 November 2012

 - Looking at two satellite pictures taken back in 1979 and in 2003 for the Arctic, there is considerable erosion of the Ice Cap. However, upon closer inspection it is clear that the ice is building towards Siberia and is moving away from Canada. At the same time, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic shield has decreased 10 percent over the past 150 years

During the same period, the south magnetic pole, up in the geographical north, has wandered about 1,100 km (685 miles) into the Arctic Circle. “The rate of the magnetic pole’s movement has increased in the last  century compared with fairly steady movement in the previous four centuries”. They found that the magnetic pole had shifted significantly in the past thousand years. It seemed that in the past decade it had moved a distance close the distance it moved in the past century.

Comparing the two phenomena, there seems to be a relation between the location of the magnetic pole and the location of ice building; are both moving towards Siberia in tandem?

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30 October 2012

 - According to a study published back in 1998, there is a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effects.

The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance — is the very same conduit which steers Earth’s weather —– the magnetic field. Animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them — in the very same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as a protector.

From 1948 to 1997, the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia found that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October). Every peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city of Kirovsk.

Electromagnetic activity from the sun affects our electronic devices and human electromagnetic field. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun, and our bodies can feel sleepy but also become highly energized.

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28 October 2012

 - Photo by Hugo Løhre of amazing aurora over Lekangsund, Norway, on October 10, 2012.

On October 8, 2012, a coronal mass ejection – or CME – from the sun hit Earth’s magnetic field. This stream of charged particles caused by a solar storm sparked a dramatic display of the aurora, or northern lights, which lasted for several days.

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17 October 2012

 - During the last ice Age, some 41,000 years ago, a complete and rapid reversal of the geomagnetic field occured. Magnetic studies on sediment cores from the Black Sea show that during this period, a compass at the Black Sea would have pointed to the south instead of to the north.

Additional data from other studies in the North Atlantic, the South Pacific and Hawaii, show that this polarity reversal was related to the eruption of a super volcano, and that climate variability was affected on a global scale.

What is remarkable is the speed of the reversal:  "The actual polarity changes lasted only 250 years." During this period, the field was extremely weak, with only 5% of today's field strength. As a consequence, Earth nearly completely lost its protection shield against hard cosmic rays, leading to a significantly increased radiation exposure.

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9 October 2012

 - What causes the beautiful and mysterious aurora borealis or northern lights?

Those who live at or visit high northern latitudes might at times experience colored lights shimmering across the night sky. This ethereal display is known as the aurora borealis, or northern lights. What causes these lights to appear?

The aurora often appears as curtains of lights, but they can also be arcs or spirals, often following lines of force in Earth’s magnetic field.

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9 October 2012

 - Earth received a glancing blow from a coronal mass ejection (CME) this week, which created beautiful auroras, or northern lights, seen across northerly latitudes last night (October 8-9, 2012).

There is no danger to people on Earth from a passing CME, although these vast streams of charged particles from the sun can affect our technologies, for example, satellites in Earth orbit.

Meanwhile, as the charged solar particles strike atoms and molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, they excite those atoms, causing them to light up. Those at northerly latitudes see the result as beautiful displays northern lights.

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19 September 2012

- Something Is Happening With Earth's Core:

New findings suggest a series of current events are weakening the Earth's magnetic field, with streams of hot molten rock with large mushroomlike pushing up from near the Earth's core and up through more than 1,800 miles of the Earth's mantle layer, pumping gigantic amounts of heat upward.

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31 August 2012

 - A earthquake of at least 7.9 occurred on the Philippine Trench early this morning.

A tsunami watch has been issued for surrounding islands and for the State of Hawaii. No reports of fatalities or damage at this time.

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