6 June 2012
Are Fungi The Earth's Natural Internet? - "I see the mycelium as the Earth's natural Internet, a consciousness with which we might be able to communicate...." - Paul Stamets

Our relationship to fungi is in fact closer than most think.  According to David McLaughlin, professor of plant biology at the University of Minnesota in the College of Biological Sciences, human cells are surprisingly similar to fungal cells.

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6 June 2012

polar 3 - Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon  tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada 's Hudson Bay.

The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his dogs when the polar bear wandered in.

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4 June 2012

LOGO  - From an astrological perspective, Venus represents the emotional energies in our relationships with others. When Venus eclipses the Sun, it blocks some of the Sun’s light and exposes the dark side of Venus, which represents the shadow side of our emotional natures.

The Venus Transit, on June 8th, 2004, began an eight-year process of uncovering the shadows in our emotional relationships. These shadows are the unresolved, repressed emotions that unconsciously cause dysfunctionality and unhappiness in our relationships.

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3 June 2012
View Video- June’s chart is about two things:  Many nations of the world are experiencing an impasse in efforts to solve fundamental economic and political issues. This impasse will come to a head in June. Push will come to shove.

At the same time, a profound shift in power relationships will begin. People everywhere will begin resetting the balance of power in relationships at home, at work, in the community and in government.

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3 June 2012
Coffee: Drug, Medicine or Sacrament?
 - "It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity." ~ David Barry

ee makes us more aware of our bodily structure. And since this structure is so wise and logical, our thoughts become logical in their awareness of it. Coffee thus helps thinking to find a firm foundation..." ~ Rudolf Hauschka

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2 June 2012

 - On May 20, 2012 a portal opened with a powerful Pleiadean alignment Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. This portal now culminates on June 4/5, 2012 with a Partial Lunar Eclipse and the historic Venus Transit across the face of the Sun.

The Venus Transit is a predictable yet rare astronomical event that occurs about every 100 years. The Venus Transit occurs in pairs, like bookends, 8 years apart.

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lunar eclipse partial arun pg kerala india 12-10-2011-300x1911 June 2012

 - Australia, Asia and the Americas will see a partial eclipse of the moon on June 4, 2012.

2012′s partial eclipse will be a morning event on June 4 for North America, but people in Australia and Asia see the eclipse on the evening of June 4. At maximum eclipse, approximately one-third of the moon’s face will be covered by Earth’s dark umbral shadow.

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31 May 2012

 - Credo Mutwa, high shaman of the Zulu people and wisdom keeper for the African continent, invites all people in every corner of the world, whatever tradition you may belong to, whether individually or in groups, to come together in your own way during the upcoming Venus transit for a gentle transition of our planet into an Age of Light.

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30 May 2012

- Once in a lifetime comes a very rare astrological and astronomical event. One of great astronomical significance is coming in June 2012 and is billed by astrologers as the event of the year.

Venus transits seem to presage great shifts in human consciousness and this June promises more of the same. If we look back at the last several occultation’s – in 1518/26, 1631/39, 1761/69 and 1874/82 we can pick up patterns with them in Sun signs of Gemini or Sagittarius. Looking at the events of 1519, Magellan del Cano set about the first circumnavigation of the world. The impact on European civilisation was immense showing clearly the world was a globe.

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Kiara Windrider29 May 2012

 - Many of the scenarios pertaining to 2012 represent a last great hope for humanity, a hope that some great cosmic event, extraterrestrial intervention, or mysterious shift in consciousness would suddenly whisk us out of the social and environmental cesspools we have so foolishly created, and into a golden age of enlightenment, ecological sustainability and peace. 

Most of us would certainly like to believe that this is possible. But is this merely wishful thinking, or is there some realistic basis for these great hopes, an actual mechanism which could generate this profound shift into a more unitive consciousness?

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29 May 2012

 - The phone rings. It's answered…and the voice on the other end of the line is a person who is dead.

It's an eerie phenomena that's occurred almost since Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone.

Referred to among researchers as "phone calls from the dead," the inexplicable occurrences are well-documented. But there have also been impossible phone calls from people that are alive.... who did not make the call!

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28 May 2012

  - 5/27 ~ Mercury (expression) ~conjunct~ Sun (core-Self):

This energy will compel you to express yourself on many levels. Communication will be a focus, just make sure it is reciprocated. You will have access to some powerful energy that can (and probably will) make quite an impression on others (if you need to).

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28 May 2012

- The man regarded by the governing elite as the most dangerous man in the world may be Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino.

De Aquino hasn't developed a death ray or obtained secret launch codes to the world's nuclear missiles. He's done something potentially much worse: he's spilled the scientific and technological beans of the greatest secret in the world: the ultimate purpose of HAARP.

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