21 April 2014

desert-breath-land-art-egypt-dast-arteam-1 - The word “epic” is thrown around a lot these days to describe art or other media that people like. If you want a good idea of what “epic” really looks like, however, you need to see Desert Breath, a truly epic art installation near the Red Sea in Egypt. 17 years after its completion, this mystical desert spiral is still clearly visible on Google Earth.

The work, by D.A.S.T. Arteam, is of truly epic proportions – between 1995 and 1997, 8,000 m3 of sand were displaced to create an art installation that occupies 100,000 m2 of desert between the Red Sea and a range of ancient volcanic mountains in Egypt’s Eastern Desert region. It consists of a massive spiral of cones and pits that spiral out of a central pool of water. As the walking viewer approaches the center, the gradually smaller cones will make the viewer will feel as though they’re growing larger.

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13 November 2013

- Knowledge on healing and medicinal plants has been held deeply by the indigenous South African people for millennia. It is my vision that this tried and tested African traditional knowledge can help us meet these new challenges we face today with stress and depression that will allow us to effectively heal our nervous system and overall health.

To do this requires the urgent documentation of this threatened healing knowledge from the few authentic traditional healers left in South Africa, so as to preserve South Africa’s very rich traditional plant and healing knowledge for future application in healing and medicine.

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21 April 2013

house-on-Drina-River - Standing on an exposed rock in the center of the Drina River, near the town of Bajina Basta in Serbia, this tiny house was captured on camera last year by Hungarian photographer, Irene Becker.

Her photo was published by National Geographic as one of the best ‘Photos of the Day’ in August 2012, and ever since then the mysterious and tranquil abode of Drina River has captured the imagination of millions.

Built in 1968 by a group of teenaged friends, the precariously placed house has been a popular tourist destination for decades, and was even nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of Serbia.

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