26 January 2018

 - Have you ever experienced an 11:11 synchronicity? Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, which many of us use on a daily or weekly basis.

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.” – Carl Jung

The definition of synchronicity was originally developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Jung co-defined the word to describe what he called “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Jung variously described synchronicity as an “‘acausal connecting principle’” (i.e., a pattern of connection that cannot be explained by conventional, efficient causality), “meaningful coincidence” and “acausal parallelism”. Jung introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but only gave a full statement of it in 1951 in an Eranos lecture, then in 1952 published a paper “Synchronicity — An Acausal Connecting Principle” in a volume with a related study by the physicist (and Nobel winner) Wolfgang Pauli.

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9 November 2017

 - Despite the recognition that Carl Jung has received throughout the last century or so, the importance of his work still cannot be stressed enough. The real beauty of Jung’s work was his ability to conceptualize a variety of esoteric, even shamanistic concepts through scientific, empirical observation.

While some might still beg to differ, Jung’s concepts such as the Collective Human Unconscious, human cognitive archetypes, and perhaps his most complex and mysterious observation, Synchronicity, are all quite scientifically validated today.

Considered to be an a-causal connection of two or more psycho-social phenomena, modern interpretations of this could be seen as the person who checks their phone for a call, only to receive the call immediately upon checking, a Déjà vu including but not limited to information from dreams occurring in waking life, or a seemingly random string of events leading the subject to a specific goal that could not have been achieved had their original plans gone accordingly — and of course any number of other events.

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21 April 2017

 - The phenomenon of synchronicity demonstrates a key point — the universe may not be operating like a cold, meaningless machine after all. Instead , the reality we experience each day may be flooded with fields of meaning. One field might embody the horror and violence of 9/11. Another field might be associated with a hope for rebirth. Each field of meaning has a particular vibration to it, and objects, individuals, emotions, dreams, and events with similar vibrations will tend to resonate with one another and then co-occur. This is what creates synchronicities. In fact, various theories of quantum physics require the existence of synchronicities…

Think about it. There may be another fundamental mechanism at play in our universe besides cause and effect. Most of us think that everything that occurs in our world is due to some causal mechanism. A causes B causes C. However, synchronicity — the co-occurrence of events within the same field of meaning — may be another fundamental reason why things tend to happen. Many things in life that we think are due to cause-and-effect or mere coincidence may actually be due to synchronicity.

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21 February 2017

Not the Mayan Calendar. But a the primary subset cycle

 - "A human being is a part of the whole called by us 'the Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He expresses himself, his thoughts and his feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. "This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us." Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." - Albert Einstein

The topic of synchronicity opens up a can of worms of Biblical proportions for it begins to question some of the Western world’s most basic assumptions and subconscious attachments to our ideas about time, cause-effect and the essential nature of reality and the universe. It also calls into question our notions of God, chance, gender-social roles, destiny, free will, personal responsibility and the concept of culpability among others.

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20 January 2017

synchronicities - You may have experienced them yourself-‑those odd “coincidences” that somehow seem to be more than just mere coincidence. They leave you with a strange feeling, as if, perhaps, you have suddenly stumbled into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

I have been observing and studying synchronicities for over three decades now. They have intrigued me and challenged me. Like many people, I have experienced a fair number myself. But as a psychotherapist, I have experienced far more, perhaps hundreds in my therapy office and in workshops.

Synchronicities are the result of a deep and profound connection between consciousness and our world of matter. But this connection defies our normal sense of logic.

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8 January 2017

 - We are being led. There is a presence moving through our heart, mind, and soul that guides and directs us. Meaningful coincidences or synchronicities, open us to new insights and help us to understand ourselves and what is happening around us in new ways. Synchronicity is intuition expressed in the outer world.

Synchronicities are no accident. The universe has carefully orchestrated the seemingly impossible convergences of things, people, events, and conditions. It does not matter how great or small the coincidence may be. We immediately recognize when we intersect with the cosmic. Although others may not always be able to feel and see it, we know when we are touched by the transcendent. The heart smiles, the mind opens, and like an Olympian gymnast, the soul joyously flips and leaps.

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5 March 2016

 - Universal synchronization happens all the time in our lives but the simplest way of explaining it is coincidence. All the incidents that happen in our lives have nothing to do with luck but everything to do with positive energies working for us from sources beyond our control.

People are fond of the word “coincidently” but, in reality, none of the important things in life happen by accident.

The unseen realm has a way of aligning events so that we meet the people we are supposed to meet and learn the lessons that we are destined to master (be it sooner or later).

These events may appear to be utterly coincidental, but, for example, meeting the person that you were just thinking about, even though you haven’t met in years, should make you rethink the theory of “universal synchronization” (a.k.a. synchronicity).

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13 February 2016

Image result for synchronicity and the holy flow  - We humans, in our search for knowledge, have been primarily guided by the scientific method for the last 500 years. We test theories by performing experiments, and then we adjust our experiments and theories based on the results in order to improve understanding.

Yet, in spite of the scientific method, we are always fascinated by various phenomena that fall outside of scientific, repeatable verification such as synchronicities, pure mysteries, anomalies, hoaxes, and the so-called paranormal and extrasensory. Our “reality” is forever on shaky ground as one momentous discovery of a gaping mystery within a body of “proven” scientific knowledge can shake the foundations of our entire worldview.

Synchronicities are often spontaneous, meaningful coincidences of such high a degree of improbability that they appear almost unbelievable.

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