Friday, 9 September 2016

Time-lapse photo of the Sept 1, 2016 Annular 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse

To see a video of the Sept 1 eclipse click here
'so that's what an Annular eclipse looks like!'
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Jupiter shifts into Libra during the Time Between Eclipses


9 - 9 -16 


= 999

Jupiter crosses over one of the 4 corners 
of the World Cross, the Tree of Life
And moves into the sign of Libra

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is the BRINGER OF GIFTS, magic, synchronicity, helpful people, and opportunities. This is the energy of being 'in the flow' and 'in the vortex' of all possibility. Jupiter is known as a beneficent influence in astrology. It makes everything bigger - and turns it in a celebratory experience!

You know the phrase 'everything you focus on expands' That is Jupiter - expansive, hopeful, positive, adventurous and optimistic. The skies are not cloudy by day! This is a BIG energy and can be a breath of fresh air or a boost if you are a stuck. And Jupiter is a Master Teacher. I like to use the archetype of Obi Wan Kenobe to help capture the benevolent mentor energy of Jupiter. The Force is with You!

What is Libra?

Libra is Justice, the scales, Karma, Balance, the playing out of Cause and Effect in a synchronous and elegant Universal dance. Libra is beauty, order, exquisite form and expression. It is art, dance, love, relationships. It helps us to focus on culture and civilization that supports humans on an ascending path where all that is Good, True and Beautiful is cherished, nurtured and valued. 
Libra is Relationships of all kinds - healthy, conscious, equal relationships of mutual support. Harmony between nations, between neighbors, between peoples. Libra is Peace. Libra brings an opportunity to make a Decision to commit yourself to a spiritual path, or to step up Higher. Libra reminds you of the beauty and truth in life, a respite from the imbalances of the past.

What is the World Cross & How is it Involved?

In addition, Libra is one of the 4 spokes of an important cross, called the Cardinal Cross - which you've been hearing A LOT about in the past 5 years as Uranus and Pluto have been burnin' it up. I've written alot on this epochal astrological alignment (as has every astrologer who ever lived in the 21st century ha ha) Click here for my archive where you will find articles on the 7 contacts of Uranus/Pluto (and plenty of other interesting stuff I might add.)
The Cardinal Cross is also known as The World Cross or The Tree of Life - because it is the framework for how the warp and weave of our days on Earth unfold. The arms of this Cross are the 4 pillars that hold up our earthly existence. It is the seasons, the growth cycle, the primordial energies of North South East and West - our primal compass. Our shared reality would collapse without this essential scaffolding and we wouldn't have the chance to learn and grow and enjoy life on this planet. 
Jupiter is now crossing the Libra ZERO POINT (threshold or burning ground) on the wheel. The Libra Zero Point is associated with the West and the energies of Letting Go (as you read further you'll see that the 9 energy of this pivotal day only enhances this potential in a pretty phenomenal synchronicity). 
This pillar is also associated with the ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL, whose name means 'Doctor of God' or "One who Heals'. There is a boatload of energy for letting go and the healing that follows from that as Jupiter crosses this point today (right now!) The energy flowing today - and continuing for the next year - is helpful for letting go of long-standing fundamental pillars of your life which are no longer serving a purpose. If you are friendly with the Archangels, the healing Archangel Raphael is especially present today and up through the end of the month (peaking again on September 22-24, the Equinox)

What is the 999?

The number 9 is about ending a cycle, letting go and integrating the lessons. It is about completion and the fullness of experience. It's a time to celebrate what you are reaping from what you planted 9 years ago. There is liberation from the difficulties of the cycle and anticipation for the new cycle to come.

TODAY on 999 (September 9, 2016) this energy is at its peak:

"The 9 energy of 2016 reaches a peak this September. Details about the past, present, and future are flooding the lines of communication.  We are learning to LET GO of the feelings we are holding in, which we are too afraid to express, the feelings that have been the most reviled, held back, abused, and denied, over generations. As the 9 energy expands, so too does the POWER OF EMPATHY. EMPATHY is one of the main aspects of the 9 energy, and whatever happens this week is an opportunity to feel what others may be feeling, by putting ourselves in their place for a while.....It is in concentrated 9 energy that imagination increases and a deeper sense of compassion forms. An opportunity to observe the laws of cause and effect - KARMA - at work - in our own lives, and in the big evolving world. But do remember that karma is not 'punishment' for past or present misdeeds. 
Karma is simply the unlearned lesson." - Christine DeLorey, numerologist
As you can see, the 999 energy is very much like LIBRA in reference to balancing karma; and since Jupiter is involved that process doesn't have to be gut-wrenching. Things with Jupiter pretty much aren't a hardship. Today is a wonderful moment and it extends throughout the portal we stand in now AND for the next year (until October 2017)
Read more about the number 9 and the year 2016 on Christine's website: 2016 and the Power of 9Waves of Triple 9s.
What does all of this mean for 
Good news! GIFTS ARE COMING YOUR WAY! Synchronicity abounds. All Good Things rain down like confetti or a gentle summer rain. Magic happens. Helpful people pop up out of nowhere. Abundance falls into your lap. Doors fly open. Life is good. Embrace it! Celebrate it! EXPECT MIRACLES.

The past loses its sting. Big Justice for your losses. Relationships can find peace. The balance-scales find a sweet spot of pure equilibrium. You can achieve balance in your life with greater ease. You and your partner communicate better. Your relationships can improve with a little love

You can neutralize karmic influences by allowing yourself to see how beautiful you truly are and to forgive yourself and others for mistakes and mis-creations. Clear the slate. GRACE and blessings arrive. The letting go is less dramatic. Things harmonize. You believe in the future, and you believe in yourself. (Listen, I'm not even going to list any negative stuff about Jupiter here. Let's just enjoy the moment, shall we?!) ENJOY!

Jovian Photo Ops

WAIT there's more: Jupiter is getting tons of press lately, also! It's energy is in mass consciousness in a big way (Jupie always goes big or goes home:)

Eyes on Jupiter bringing us unprecedented photos and videos being beamed back means that our consciousness expands to include greater brilliant awareness.This is especially true in the case of Jupiter which holds a very positive, expansive energy as described above. As new pictures and data are sent back to Earth, we are changed by what we see or by what our planetary scientific databanks absorb about our solar system. As above, so below. 

Jupiter's Aurora (stunning!)
The Juno Mission: New Eyes on Jupiter
Jupiter's north & south poles - like nothing we've ever seen before 
Ancient Babylonian map of Jupiter just changed history as we know it
You are looking at the foundations of modern calculus.
Jupiter's Extended Family? A Billion or More!

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