11 April 2017

 -  Cannabis has been a friend to humankind since before the written word, providing fiber for cordage and cloth, seeds for nutrition, and roots, leaves and flowers for ritual and healing. During the Neolithic period, our ancestors discovered uses for every part of cannabis, which was one of the first agricultural crops, perhaps the first, ever to be grown and harvested some 12,000 years ago.

Agriculture, strictly speaking, is not a natural phenomenon. It is an expression of human ingenuity, an invention that has been described as the basis – literally the ground – of modern civilization.

Gertsch’s provocative thesis is that chronic metabolic disorders, currently a worldwide pandemic, are rooted in “a mismatch between ancient genes and high caloric diets” that ensued with the introduction of agriculture. “The multimillion year evolutionary process during which nearly all genetic change reflected the life circumstances of our ancestors [was] suddenly disturbed” when “carbohydrate farming” supplanted the “hunter-gatherer diet rich in animal food,” says Gertsch, who maintains that “the interplay between diet and the endocannabinoid system” is key to understanding today’s obesity/diabetes crisis and its potential remediation.

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14 March 2017

heart disease prevention - A study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology, stating that turmeric extract can decrease risks of heart attack by 56%. This discovery backs up earlier research printed in the Nutrition Research journal in 2012 that said eating this spice or consuming supplements of it can improve one’s cardiovascular health as much as aerobic exercise.

Think about it. For those who exercise for the purpose of boosting their heart health, a pinch of turmeric can help achieve the same goal!

It all comes down to the primary polyphenol in this golden spice, called curcumin. This ingredient is responsible for turmeric’s bright color and for the active properties that can empower vascular function.

This incredible ability of curcumin has been particularly helpful for postmenopausal women who reach the age where heart problems can arise and become a health concern.

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31 January 2017

Raw Bell Peppers, Onions and Other Veggies in a Pan - Cooking food can improve its taste, but it also changes the nutritional content.

Interestingly, some vitamins are lost when food is cooked, while others become more available for your body to use.

Some claim that eating primarily raw foods is the path to better health. However, certain cooked foods have clear nutritional benefits.

This article discusses the benefits of both raw and cooked foods.

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20 January 2017

 - Food, while being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, is rarely appreciated for its true power. Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and building blocks for the body-machine, new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is also a powerful source of information.

We are all hardwired to be deeply concerned with food when hungry, an interest which rapidly extinguishes the moment we are satiated. But as an object of everyday interest and scientific inquiry, food often makes for a bland topic. This is all the more apparent when juxtaposed against its traditional status in ancient cultures as sacred; or in contemporary religious traditions like Catholicism where a cracker still represents the body of Christ (Eucharist). But as my previous investigations into the dark side of wheat have revealed, food is one of the most fascinating and existentially important topics there is. And in many ways, until we understand the true nature of food, and how it is still the largely invisible ground for our very consciousness, we will not be able to understand our own nature and destiny.

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27 December 2016

coconuts - In order to get a glimpse of the future we often times must look into the past and identify common patterns. One of those trends that reveals itself throughout every major culture is the inclusion of highly revered, high nutritionally dense, longevity enhancing foods found in their inhabited environment. In our time we have catalogued all the major staples of these civilizations under the grouping of “superfoods”. These are unique among more common food selections for a multitude of reasons. One of which and potentially the most important is that they contain novel compounds that are rarely found in other foods. In some cases these properties are entirely unique to that single food and cannot be replicated in a laboratory. Due to the wide diversity and uniqueness of these foods they are considered therapeutic grade foods. This means they are recommended, as well as have been used historically, as healing agents and preventative nutrition as part of a larger longevity diet.

The way I educate people on super foods is that they represent natures preferred replacement for supplementation. It is a known fact of living in the twentieth century that strategic supplementation is necessary. It has been my observation over the years that synthetic chemically extracted isolated nutrients in most cases can throw the bodies metabolic rhythm off balance. This is why we now turn our attention to foods and whole food concentrates that contain all their active compounds, are not extracted using chemical solvents, have a historical lineage dating hundreds to thousands of years of usage as key components of longevity diets, and at the end of the day are 100% food.

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26 September 2016

 - Several doctors are beginning to speak out against the danger of vaccines. In her recently released bestselling book A Mind of Your Own, holistic, functional medicine trained psychiatrist Kelly Brogan explains why she opposes vaccinations.

Brogan shares a fascinating example of how the nutrient selenium was used to prevent and treat Keshan disease in China, replacing the vaccination proposed by Western researchers. Brogan also discusses how vitamin A can be used to treat and prevent measles, along with vitamin C to address tetanus, in place of toxic, dangerous vaccinations.

Famous dentist Weston Price described the perfect health of indigenous groups of individuals who had natural immunity to tuberculosis from excellent nutrition, not from vaccinations, in his revered book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Comparative studies of unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals add to the argument that vaccines are not the answer to disease prevention.

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30 August 2016

 -  A new study is confirming that nutrients from foods influence gene behavior. 

Genes are segments of DNA that house codes for the production of proteins in the body. Different configurations of proteins result in different bodily processes. Proteins are made up of the amino acids and nutrients from the foods we eat. The different proteins comprise the structures and chemical functioning of cells, which in turn create all the possible actions of the body.

Because of this, the nutrients we eat are crucial to our ‘future health.’

One study looked at yeast cells that had their metabolite levels changed. Researchers found that the available cellular nutrients directly affected gene behavior.  In fact, nine of 10 genes are influenced by changes in nutrition and internal metabolism.

In the past, genes have been seen as strictly controllers of how nutrients and amino acids become proteins and bodily processes. Now it is apparent that this process works in the opposite direction as well. The presence of existing nutrients can change gene behavior depending upon the quality of the nutrients.

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18 August 2016

 - The long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements is finally here. It is very bad news. Highest-level Action Alert!

We normally publish our newsletter on Tuesday, but are sending out this issue today because of its urgency.

What we are dealing with here is whether the supplement industry is allowed to innovate and create new supplements. The FDA, working as usual on behalf of the drug industry, says no. We need your help to stop this right now. It will take a huge effort on all of our parts and we need to start immediately.

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3 August 2016

 - If you’re trying to improve your metabolic health, it’s important to eat a diet that supports your mitochondrial functioning. This involves limiting net carbs and increasing healthy fats

Most people have no idea which nutrients are in any given food, let alone how much. This is why a nutrient tracker is so beneficial, as it will help you make sure you’re actually following your nutritional plan
Cronometer, which is a free online tool, is the most accurate nutrient tracker on the market, giving you a detailed analysis of what you’re eating, including important macro- and micronutrient ratios

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14 October 2015

 - Did you know that there are billions of years of biological information encoded within your cells, and that depending on what you do or do not eat, the information is activated or remains latent?

It is a biological fact that the distant past is embedded within the present. No one could have described this more aptly and tangibly than Thich Nhat Han when he said:

"If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people."

In fact, each cell in your body, along with all the cells in all living creatures on the planet today, derive from a last universal common ancestor (LUCA) estimated to have lived some 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago in the primordial ocean. While this may strike the reader as an unusual concept, even Charles Darwin acknowledged this phenomenon in Origin of Species (1859)1:

"Therefore I should infer from analogy that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed."

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7 August 2015

How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy - The relatively recent discovery of the microbiome is not only completely redefining what it means to be human, to have a body, to live on this earth, but is overturning belief systems and institutions that have enjoyed global penetrance for centuries.

A paradigm shift has occurred, so immense in implication, that the entire frame of reference for our species' self-definition, as well as how we relate fundamentally to concepts like "germs," have been transformed beyond recognition. This shift is underway and yet, despite popular interest in our gut ecology, the true implications remain unacknowledged.

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26 December 2014

chimpanzee - When we fall ill we visit a clinic or a pharmacy. Our ancestors, however, didn’t have that luxury. Instead, early humans likely observed and learned from sick animals that healed themselves by eating certain plants. Yet, only in the past two decades have biologists and chemists begun to recognize that animals do self-medicate – select and use substances specifically to cure themselves of parasites and ailments.

Early accounts of animal self-medication came in the late 1980s from Michael Huffman, a primatologist at Kyoto University. His decades-long research on chimpanzees, which revealed that they use plant compounds to rid themselves of parasites, helped established self-medication as a fundamental animal behavior.

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21 October 2014

 - The Food Matters TV Live event started today...
Sign up to watch some amazing films over the next 12 days completely FREE, until 2 November.

You will be able to watch not only Jason Vale's documentary Super Juice Me! but 3 hot new release films, 2 classic films and live video interviews with leading health experts featured in the films.

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