4 March 2017

 - Please sign the petition to stop the annual Yulin Dog Meat festival in China.

This medieval way of treating animals sits at complete odds with how China has progressed as a society in recent years. This is not about cultural differences this is about the most basic of ethics and about treating animals with compassion. It's plain to see that the practices carried out at Yulin represent a new low for China.

Those animals we choose to be our working companions, our eyes when we are blind, our guardians of the family home, to share our food and to be our best friends for hundreds of years are suffering and are being slaughtered in the most monstrous of ways. There are many videos on YouTube to evidence this, although they are not easy to watch. Despite how you feel about eating any animal, no living, sentient being should be abused or tortured for any reason, and no right-minded person can rationally argue otherwise.  Dogs and cats suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of farmers, traders and butchers - beaten, torched with fire, boiled alive, etc.  Not all these animals are "farmed" - many are beloved, stolen pets. 

The medieval treatment of companion animals in Yulin provides a cruel contrast to the slick, sophisticated, modern image that China tries so hard to portray to the outside world.

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11 February 2017

 - On February 9th, The Oregon Zoo euthanized Packy, their 54-year-old male Asian elephant. We do not want to lose another elephant to sickness caused by captivity. Demand that the zoo release Chendra to a sanctuary.
Packy was born at The Oregon Zoo in 1962 and died at the zoo after suffering 54 years of abuse and cruelty. They bred him relentlessly, even attempting to mate him with his own sisters. Deprived of adequate room to roam, Packy suffered from chronic medical and psychological problems. Despite decades of public outcry, he was never allowed to retire to a sanctuary. When he became a liability for the zoo, he was euthanized.

It may be too late to save Packy, but there is another elephant at The Oregon Zoo that needs your help now. Chendra is the zoo's only pygmy Borneo elephant. She is blind in one eye and ostracized by the herd because she is a different species.

And as if abuse from the other elephants weren't enough, the zoo also forced Chendra to perform during the opening act at KD Lang's July 2nd appearance at the 2016 Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts series. Chendra is suffering and needs to be sent to a sanctuary immediately.

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11 February 2017

1781092_10152327000002346_5172311829430874884_o - Despite a huge public appeal to allow Packy to go to a sanctuary in California to live out his last years in peace and tranquility, the dreadful animal prison known as Oregon Zoo opted to murder him instead, a money-saving option that was carried out on Thursday, 9 February.

This act of heartlessness is a great example of why Oregon Zoo and other hell holes of misery for animals should be closed down, if humanity is ever to save itself from its own karma. Let's shut this animal torture hole down. BOYCOTT Oregon Zoo!

Chendra is another abused elderly elephant currently facing the same fate at the dreadful Oregon Zoo. Please add your voice to the campaign to save her and have her go to a sanctuary instead of being murdered by Donald Moore and his gang.

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8 February 2017

 - Elephants don't belong In zoos, especially not Packy. The heartbreaking story of Packy begins when he was born at the Oregon Zoo in 1962 to his Mother Bella. Packy has spent 54 years behind bars.

Packy is the oldest male Asian elephant in North America, and he is in extremely poor health. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2013, and is still undergoing treatment. Packy is also plagued by cracked nails, lesions, and abscesses on his right foot.

Due to his failing health, Packy is no longer visible to the public. He is said to be suffering alone in his enclosure, simply waiting to die without ever knowing freedom. His sad existence is a reminder of why it is inhumane and unethical to breed elephants in captivity, denying them of everything that is innate to who they are as wild animals.

PLEASE sign this petition, and consider joining us on 26 February, when we will be including Packy in the special group healing event happening that day.

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24 November 2016

praywithstandingrockfeature - Many people would agree that prayer alone will not solve all of our problems, but to the water protectors at Standing Rock, direct action is considered sacred. Prayer can be action. To live one’s life as if it were a prayer is a very powerful way to engage in the world around us.

Indigenous spirituality acknowledges that all of life is interconnected through nature, knowing that humans have a responsibility to steward and protect the land. Standing Rock’s resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline has become globally symbolic of the struggle to protect our environment from the heartless exploitation of extraction industries that threaten water, land, air, and life itself. For the first time in history, we are seeing a unified global movement to stand and act in solidarity with our indigenous relatives to protect the sacred. This is your opportunity to participate in something truly inspired and hopeful, to pray with Standing Rock!

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15 November 2016

People march during a protest in Bismarck against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline under Lake Oahe and near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota, U.S. November 14, 2016. © Stephanie Keith - Demonstrators across the US are planning to hold more than 200 rallies against the Dakota Access Pipeline on Tuesday. The ‘Day of Action’ is expected to be the largest protest against the pipeline since the government halted the project in September.

The ‘Day of Action’ was called for by indigenous leaders in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Its goal is to stop the US government and the Army Corps of Engineers from building the pipeline, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) spokesperson Dallas Goldtooth said, as cited by Reuters. IEN is one of the organizers of the Tuesday protests.

“The purpose is to elevate the issue and to encourage the Army Corps to exert its power to stop this pipeline,” Goldtooth said.

More than 30 groups, including Greenpeace and CREDO Action, will participate in Tuesday’s protests outside the Army Corps offices and at major banks financing the pipeline.

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31 May 2016

RIP, Harambe. A magnificent animal senselessly murdered while trying to help a human child.

Harambe, a silverback gorilla who just celebrated his 17th birthday, died on May 28, 2016, when a 4-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo's Gorilla World exhibit. Shortly after, zoo officials shot him.

Sign the petition demanding justice for Harambe and the petition asking Cincinatti Zoo to allow their remaining gorillas goto a sanctuary. More info...

31 January 2016

The National Park Service is scheduled to capture and facilitate the killing of up to 900 bison inside Yellowstone Park starting on Feb. 15, 2016. Photo credit: Yellowstone National Park - The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), Jamie M. Woolsey of the law firm Fuller, Sandefer & Associates and two constitutional law professors filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of journalist Christopher Ketcham and wild bison advocate Stephany Seay, who are seeking access to Yellowstone Park’s controversial bison trapping operations that lead to the slaughter of hundreds of bison. The lawsuit argues that the First Amendment guarantees citizens and journalists reasonable, non-disruptive access to the publicly funded national park.

The National Park Service is scheduled to capture and facilitate the killing of up to 900 bisoninside Yellowstone Park starting on Feb. 15. During the capture and kill operation, the park service closes parts of the park to public access.

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14 January 2016

 - Culturally important Native American lands may soon be sold to a foreign-owned mining company thanks to a provision snuck into a 2014 defense bill.

Oak Flat, which lies within Tonto National Forest in Arizona, has been used for Apache young women’s coming-of-age ceremonies for centuries.

Due to the extensive copper reserves in the area, mining activities in Oak Flat would dig a crater two miles wide and 1000 feet deep. The site also lies dangerously close to the Apache Reservation’s aquifer. Mining could cause serious contamination to groundwater through acid runoff, threatening not just the reservation but neighboring towns that rely on the aquifer as well.

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21 November 2015

881 - Many have heard about some of the die-offs occurring in our oceans, but most have no understanding of how catastrophic the actual reality is.

Fukushima is where all the fingers point as the source of the carnage along the coast, but there is much more to the story. Those who control the US military have virtually no regard for any of the destruction they are wreaking on the entire web of life, including marine life. The US Navy has long since been using live depleted uranium ammunition and devastating sonar devices along the Pacific coast (the US Navy is now also waging electromagnetic warfare along our forests and our coasts).

The US (and other nations) have also routinely dumped nuclear waste into our oceans. The excerpt (shown below) from the US Navy's "Environmental Impact Statement " is beyond shocking. Their position is this, if there are no studies to prove the harm they are causing, then no harm was caused.

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20 November 2015

© Lucy Nicholson - Unbelievably dreadful US government agencies continue their war on nature, killing everything that they cannot control.

Yellowstone National Park has proposed killing roughly 1,000 wild bison this winter in an effort to curb the animals' annual migration to Montana. The bison, mostly calves and females, would be delivered to Native American tribes for slaughter.

The controversial annual culling is aimed at lessening the risk of Yellowstone bison infecting cattle herds in Montana with brucellosis, a bacterial disease that can cause pregnant bison and other animals to miscarry their young.

The yearly culling is part of a 2000 agreement made between Montana and the federal government, which was aimed at preventing the spread of the disease.

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