Saturday, 11 February 2017

Release the Suffering Elephant Chendra and Send Her to a Sanctuary

By Kelly Coldewey

On February 9th, The Oregon Zoo euthanized Packy, their 54-year-old male Asian elephant. We do not want to lose another elephant to sickness caused by captivity. Demand that the zoo release Chendra to a sanctuary.
Packy was born at The Oregon Zoo in 1962 and died at the zoo after suffering 54 years of abuse and cruelty. 
They bred him relentlessly, even attempting to mate him with his own sisters. Deprived of adequate room to roam, Packy suffered from chronic medical and psychological problems. Despite decades of public outcry, he was never allowed to retire to a sanctuary. When he became a liability for the zoo, he was euthanized.

It may be too late to save Packy, but there is another elephant at The Oregon Zoo that needs your help now. Chendra is the zoo's only pygmy Borneo elephant. She is blind in one eye and ostracized by the herd because she is a different species.

And as if abuse from the other elephants weren't enough, the zoo also forced Chendra to perform during the opening act at KD Lang's July 2nd appearance at the 2016 Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts series. Chendra is suffering and needs to be sent to a sanctuary immediately.   

24 Elephants bred at the Oregon Zoo have died prematurely, including seven babies that died before they were a year old. The Oregon Zoo and has been named seven times by In Defense of Animals (IDA) as one of the worst zoos in the U.S. for elephants.

The time has come to end Chendra's suffering. Please sign this petition to demand Chendra be released to a proper sanctuary immediately. There she would have the opportunity to roam acres of natural habitat, forage for fresh vegetation, befriend other elephants, and enjoy a full and healthy life.

Source: The Petition Site


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