Sunday, 7 January 2018

By Chautauqua

I have never really felt like I belonged here, in this place, on this planet Earth.

There are a lot of us who feel this way: If you pause to think about it you probably know some folks who feel this way, even though they don't speak about it.  You may even be one yourself.

The symptoms are wide and varied according to the individual but it always ends up with us feeling we're on the outside looking in, not in the loop and not getting the memos. There is this prevailing feeling that we simply don't belong here on this violent, greed infested dust ball on the material plane.
We cannot understand why the morals and issues so important to us don't seem to matter in the cold world we travel through: This place is alien to folks like us, and that makes finding our way somewhere between difficult and impossible.
One would think such feelings wouldn't be so prevalent what with this being the dawn of the Aquarian age and all that, but it just isn't as simple as moving from  one year into the next.  What we're dealing with here are cycles and patterns that play out over the course of 26,000 years.   As the precession of the equinox winds it's way backwards thru the celestial zodiac; earth spends roughly two thousand years in each of the 12 zodiac signs.
After spending the previous 2000 years passing thru the sign of Pisces we're now  witnessing the collapse of a world system built around power, greed war and wealth.  Considering that the attributes of Aquarius are just about polar opposite of Pisces, there is bound to be some turbulence, and we are seeing it every day now.  We're currently traversing the 4th dimensional space-time known as the Kali Yuga, the last of 4 repeating world cycles, and it is called "The age of Vice."
It is this deteriorating, crumbling edifice of the Kali Yuga that's causing all the chaos and insanity we're seeing everywhere.  Time is now up for those who have prevailed & profited from this Age of Vice: but they don't want to leave the stage or willingly allow the changes which must now manifest.  The very nature of vice itself.
We cannot hope to see the full bloom of Aquarius until after the end of the Kali Yuga, and on that score there is some good news, and some not so good news.   The good news is that all of my research & calculations on the Kali Yuga indicate that it's final end will come in the year 2025, just eight more years!  The not so good news is that the world will be in transition until the year 2325; so none of us are going to see Aquarius in this incarnation.   Get used to seeing soldiers with heavy weapons on every street corner.  This is why so many of us declare that we don't want to come back to this place; we don't want to get stuck with clean-up duty.
Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow
Over the last several years we've seen increasing interest in 11:11 and what it's true meaning is.  There are seemingly an endless number of explanations but the one that rings true for my soul is that it is a specific message coded into human DNA, and that message is, "Return Home".  Our source (home) is in the 11th dimension.
Prior to coming here we agreed to multiple incarnations in 3D for various reasons that would serve evolution, enlightenment and our own spirits.  When we see 11:11 we're being reminded to wrap things up here and return home, return to source; in the 11th dimension.  Our work is nearly done here.
If these concepts are confusing try thinking of the different dimensions as frequency wavelengths rather than some place on a cosmic map.  We're being reminded that we do not originate from this place, it's just our 'day job' so to speak.
Planet Earth is a school, and the curriculum is all about balancing negativity and embracing divinity.  You're either here to learn these lessons or teach them; and in some cases both. This is where they send those who still don't get the whole love/unity vibration; and those of us who are wanting off the planet were talked (or tricked) into coming here to be teachers and healers.  Its like the old time school houses where all grades are taught in the same building, in our case, planet.  Some of us are closer to graduation than the unwashed masses who think Trump is their hero, and who cannot think past  black Friday.  
We're here for them.
If we cannot teach them to embrace the love/unity vibration, then maybe the best we can do for anyone at this point is show them the way to the exit.  If we can just find it ourselves.
As I see it, the only way out is UP; as in lifting our vibration higher.  Yes, at first this will make the symptoms of alienation more acute, but after a while it makes you stronger. The first part of lifting our vibration is to detach from the constraints of the material world, to stop believing in the limitations "they" place on us.  By now most of us are pretty battered by this sojourn.  We're weary after a lifetime of struggle, confusion and insufficient information.  After all the effort by so many for so long it's sometimes hard to see the progress.  These are the kinds of things that'll get you wanting to leave this planet.
The sexual predator misconduct by powerful men seemed forever to be a permanent part of our culture; until very recently.  All that has changed now with the "me too" movement blasting the lid off and ending the careers of a growing list of such predators.  Judge Roy Moore could not escape it, and neither will Donald Trump.  We will never allow things to go back the way they were.
Even a few years ago normalizing same sex marriage and making it the law of the land seemed impossible.  Change IS happening, and we will come to see even more; but as already stated, it's moving glacially slow.
Maybe we're feeling so homesick because we think the light  has abandoned us to fend for ourselves in this school turned into a spiritual wasteland.  The one thing we fight most consistently in this life is insecurity.  It is our constant nemesis from cradle to grave; and that which puts that sharp edge on the weariness of the soul.  If you're dealing with insecurity, then here's something to consider:  With this entire spiritual migration hanging in the balance, as well as bringing Earth into the 5th dimension as the Kali Yuga comes to an end; do you think source would trust the outcome to anyone but their very best warriors?  We're the "A Team" folks!
King Corruption has waged a full court press offensive against anything that empowers the individual spiritually.  The age of vice wants to continue forever; but to do that, it must (try to) break the cycle of the Yugas by using pacification technologies to put humanity into a kind of arrested development; preventing us from breaking the threshold of enlightenment...
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