14 August 2012

 - They can’t programme our unconscious minds if we don’t watch what they put on our screens. So they needed us to be present and engaged, a part of their occult offering to the gods.

The Games themselves are just a veneer to perform a magical ritual which is carried out by the use of certain symbols, numbers and geometrical shapes and various other forms of alchemy which programs the unconscious minds of those watching and engaging.

The main implant took place when the five rings became enflamed. This was to represent the spinning flaming wheels of the Old Testament prophet Elijah’s chariot as he ascended to Heaven.

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8 August 2012

 - If we are to look at the whole Olympic ritual as an offering to the ‘gods’ then this particular Olympiad began with the Dragon’s Head conjunct (within 4° degrees 0f  the Mid Heaven (most elevated point of the chart) and will end with the Dragon’s Head conjunct (almost exact) the Mid Heaven. Coincidence?

How intriguing that not only is this the Year of the Dragon for the Chinese  but that the Dragon’s Head and the MC are in Sagittarius the sign of Jupiter a.k.a. Zeus, God the Father, the top dog on Mount Olympus and the very same god who the ancient Greeks held their Olympics in honor of!

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5 August 2012

 - Glastonbury Tor is a huge vortex of spiritual and temporal power for these Isles of Wonder.

It’s clear that whoever does rule world affairs knows about the power of magical ritual and ceremony on the psyches of the masses, which in itself is a kind of alchemy that creates new life, or new realities, and this is also a form of magic.

I was reminded of this during the Olympic Stadium scenes which brought to life the dreams and nightmares of the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital and alluded to the creation of its main benefactor, the author J M Barrie, Peter Pan ~ who I’m sure most have figured out is the great fertility god Pan.

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29 July 2012

- A Chinese farmer has taken over two years to cycle to London in his rickshaw for the Olympics.

Chen Guanming left his village in May 2010 and arrived in London July 9 this year, cycling over 60,000 kilometres through 16 different countries. He's faced everything from flooding in Thailand to snowstorms in Turkey, and has gone through mountains, war zones and temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius, sleeping in the back of his rickshaw the whole way.

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29 July 2012

 - There is increasing discussion on certain forums and sites suggesting that something – and we emphasize something – may happen at the London Summer Olympics. We already know there are anti-terror drills being conducted in advance of the games. Is this simple fearmongering to justify their tyrannical police state or is something in the works?

Of course we hope it’s simply a time of sportmanship and friendly competition between nations. But Olympic events seem to draw attention to other things, things like occult rituals and hidden symbols.

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