1 September 2017

Photo credit: Amazon Watch - An extremely unpopular and flagrantly corrupt president who came to power under a cloud of illegitimacy abuses his powers to force through regressive and discriminatory policies which would lay waste to the environment and dramatically alter society for generations. Mass mobilizations and existing democratic institutions such as the courts resist his authoritarian attacks and have scored some important victories. Sound familiar?

Although we could be talking about Trump and the U.S. today, in this case we're referring to Brazil, where President Temer is pursuing a very similar course of radical right-wing restructuring, and the Brazilian people and institutions are rising to resist him.

A tremendous national and international public outcry from all walks of society – from artists and activists, indigenous communities, and legal experts – forced Temer to roll back his original decree to allow mining in a large, pristine area of the Amazon rainforest. Although it's important to note that this is just a suspension and not a complete revocation of the order, the activists and their allies who have mobilized against this (including Amazon Watch!) will not let up until he abandons this plan altogether.

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9 August 2017

 - The Intertribal Coalition of Nebraska and the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma met Tuesday in Lincoln, Nebraska to take a stand against the construction of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline by signing the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion.

After the signing Tuesday, more than 150 Tribes in the U.S. and Canada, including the Nations all along the KXL route in Alberta, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and now Nebraska, will have committed to standing together to stop Keystone XL and the other three tar sands pipelines: Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline through Minnesota, Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Expansion through British Columbia and TransCanada's Energy East.

"Along with our Indigenous allies all along the KXL route like the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) and all over Turtle Island (North America), we recognize the grave dangers in allowing this 'Black Snake' to enter our homelands," said Chairman Larry Wright Jr. of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. "As the State of Nebraska stands poised to make a potentially life-altering decision about permitting this poisonous bitumen to be inflicted on its population, we stand poised to protect all life now and in the future."

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19 July 2017

 - Nurses are taking a stand against mandatory vaccinations, at the risk of losing their jobs.

Over 22,000 nurses are a part of Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV), a movement that wishes to create awareness of the current oppressive vaccine stance the hospitals and the government are taking.

Nurses who have refused the flu vaccine are being forced to wear face masks when working on the wards, they are claiming this is an infringement of their constitutional rights.

The flu vaccine’s integrity has been called into question on numerous occasions, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) even admitting that it sometimes doesn’t work.

Some nurses feel so strongly against the vaccine stance that they are choosing tho lose their jobs to stand up for their constitutional rights.

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9 July 2017

 - The Italian Senate has proposed a more relaxed version of a controversial law on vaccines for school children, with fewer vaccinations considered compulsory and reduced penalties for those who don't comply.

The number of compulsory vaccinations will be reduced from 12 to ten, while financial penalties against parents who fail to vaccinate their children will be significantly reduced.

The amendments made in the Italian Senate also scrap the obligation to report parents who don't comply with the law to authorities - a move which could, in extreme cases, have left parents at risk of losing custody.

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16 June 2017

 - More than a million people have signed a petition demanding that the European Union ban glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup weed killer, over fears it causes cancer.

"In less than five months, more than one million EU citizens have joined our call for a glyphosate ban," said David Schwartz, coordinator at the European Citizens Initiative, which is behind the petition, as quoted by AFP.

"European citizens aren't fooled by the pesticide industry's lobbying efforts or the faulty science it's peddling," he said.

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15 June 2017

People protest against President Donald Trump's executive order fast-tracking the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. © Lucy Nicholson - The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies are hailing a federal judge’s decision that the Dakota Access Pipeline’s permits shall be remanded until further notice. The court found that the controversial project’s permitting process was insufficient.

The tribe and others bringing the lawsuit have long called for the Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down. US District Court Judge Boasberg of the District of Columbia did not order any interruption in the DAPL’s oil transporting operations on Wednesday, but he did issue a 91-page decision that states the US Army Corps of Engineers did not adequately consider various potential impacts of oil spills on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, when it issued the permits. 

An independent research firm, Clearview Energy Partners from Washington, DC, which looked into the case, pointed towards “omissions” in the Corps’ final analysis of the pipeline and may be taken care of soon, according to Reuters.

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11 June 2017

 - More than 130 families in the Italian province of South Tyrol are allegedly threatening to seek asylum in Austria, just days after the Italian president signed a decree requiring mandatory vaccinations for school admission.

It comes just two days after Mattarella signed a decree requiring children entering school to have 12 mandatory vaccinations, according to ministry sources.

Unvaccinated school-age children will still be allowed to enroll in school, but their parents will be fined anywhere from €500 to €7,500 (US$559 to $8,386).

"We will not poison our children," Holzer said, adding that asylum is not only for those fleeing war, but also for those who are being deprived of human rights.

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21 May 2-17

 - The third annual March Against Monsanto was held in around 400 cities in more than 40 countries from the Americas to Africa and Europe.

Tens of thousands of people marched in cities across the world on Saturday to protest against the American biotechnology giant Monsanto and its genetically modified crops and pesticides.

The third annual March Against Monsanto – begun by the Occupy movement – was held in around 400 cities in more than 40 countries from the Americas to Africa and Europe.

About 2,500 people staged anti-Monsanto protests in the Swiss cities of Basel and Morges, where the company has its headquarters for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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7 March 2017

 - Members of Native nations from across the country will begin a four-day demonstration against the Trump administration and the Dakota Access Pipeline in Washington, DC today, Tuesday, 7 March, culminating with a march on the White House on Friday, 10 March.

"They want us to believe the fight is over—but we can still win this. We can unite in peaceful, prayerful resistance against this illegal pipeline," said Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. "Now, we are calling on all our Native relatives and allies to rise with us. We must march against injustice—Native nations cannot continue to be pushed aside to benefit corporate interests and government whim."

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12 February 2017

Army veterans forming human shield to protect NoDAPL protesters at Standing Rock

 - US veterans are returning to Standing Rock to support and protect Native American protesters as the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to meet resistance despite President Trump’s executive order to continue construction of the $3.7 billion pipeline.

The veterans are gathering in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, with many on their way.

“We are prepared to put our bodies between Native elders and a privatized military force,” Air Force veteran Elizabeth Williams told the Guardian. “We’ve stood in the face of fire before. We feel a responsibility to use the skills we have.”

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has vowed to fight the president’s order to push ahead with the pipeline despite the US Army Corps of Engineers stating it would cancel its planned environmental impact study and grant a permit for construction of the final phase of the pipeline beneath Lake Oahe to go ahead.

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27 January 2017

Mark Zuckerberg reconsiders suing Native Hawaiians over their ancestral land - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he is “reconsidering” a series of lawsuits against Hawaiians to force them to sell small parcels of ancestral land scattered throughout his vast Kauai estate.  

Last December, Zuckerberg started 'quiet title' lawsuits against a few hundred Hawaiians who own stakes in parcels of land inside 700 acres of beachfront land he purchased on Kauai's North Shore two years ago. Locals strongly criticized the move, and Kaniela Ing, a state lawmaker proposed a bill that would force the founder of the social network to mediation.

Zuckerberg, who contends his intentions were misunderstood, is using the same legal loophole that sugar barons have historically exploited to scoop thousands of acres of Hawaiian land, according to Ing.

“Here we have the world’s sixth richest individual, with a team of the world’s best lawyers, suing you, then asking you to make a deal. Obviously, no matter how expensive, you will lawyer up too. So in the end, you have a mainland billionaire exploiting our legal system, and bullying his way through local residents, all to build his beach playground. This is not the intent of the law,” he said.

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6 January 2017

 - In a spectacular act of resistance to Big Oil, the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Council refused to renew a right-of-way easement for an Enbridge crude oil pipeline running through the Bad River Reservation.

While Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members remain entrenched in a battle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Bad River tribal council passed a formal resolution against renewing rights-of-way for Enbridge’s Energy Line 5 — and officially called for the pipeline to be decommissioned and removed from all tribal lands and the affected watershed.

Originally known as Lakehead Pipeline Company, Enbridge installed the pipeline in 1953; however, by 2013 — when “15 Individual grant of easement rights of way for Line 5 expired” — Band River had reacquired interests in eleven of those parcels.

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