27 April 2013

Detailed: This impressive picture taken by the 27-year-old shows a fast-flowing river in Yosemite

 - Fast-flowing river in Yosemite National Park. Photo credit: Nolan Nitschke -

Source: Daily Mail

18 October 2012

 - This was the image Paul Nicklen had been so hoping to get: a sunlit mass of emperor penguins charging upwards, leaving in their wake a crisscross of bubble trails.

Then it came: a blast of birds from the depths. They were so fast that, with frozen fingers, framing and focus had to be instinctive.

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17 August 2012

 - Coconut Vendor, Bangladesh - Photo of the Day, National Geographic.

A man is bringing green coconuts to his stall on a little island named Chera Dip, an extension of St. Martin’s Island, and the only coral island in Bangladesh.

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