About Edna

Updated 5 July 2018

Edna Spennato was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and grew up during the apartheid era, becoming a journalist and anti-apartheid activist as a student at Rhodes University in the early 80s.

She moved to Cape Town to study Fine Art and worked as an artist for 10 years before setting off on a two-year ocean voyage on a home-made sailing boat. This was a transformational experience which re-connected her to her lifelong interest in altered states of consciousness, parapsychology and healing. After returning to South Africa, she studied Tai Chi and Reiki with Rita Baptista, native American teachings with Roy Littesun and other indigenous teachers, learned how to dowse using a pendulum, and designed the Earth Heal Globe as a surrogate for Reiki healers to be able to send healing energy to specific areas of the planet.

At that time, Edna was exploring other healing modalities, but was unable to find one which enabled the healing facilitator to work directly under guidance from the higher self, with groups of people, animals and the energy fields of places that need healing.

She put out an earnest request to the universe to guide her to the right healing method, and then began experiencing lucid dreaming at night, during which time the basis for the healing method that would become Synchronization Harmonics was downloaded to her consciousness over a period of 6 months. A detailed account of this journey can be read via this link.

After knitting together all the information that had come through and working in private with a close friend using the techniques shown to her, Edna began to use it in her private practice, with astounding results. She founded the Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project and since 1998, has been using Synchronization Harmonics in person and via distance healing, to assist humans and animals, and to clear the energy fields of areas of land and water, as well as facilitating group distant healing events and teaching it to other healing practitioners. For a period she specialised in clearing trauma from rescued wild animals in South Africa, particularly cheetahs, through the Cheetah Outreach programme in the Western Cape.

In 2006, Edna was guided to return to Brazil with her son (7 years old at the time) to live, and became actively involved in animal rescue, working to clear trauma from animals and developing her skills as an animal communicator. Since 2012, she has been based in a tiny village in the Chapada Diamantina nature reserve in the highlands of Bahia, where she has continued her work as as a healing facilitator with people and animals around the world and continues facilitating the group healing events 8 times a year.

She is currently focused on making her healing method available to all those who are drawn to it, and is compiling the material into a series of online courses to be launched in 2018.