Mexican government bans Maya rituals at ancestral sites

15 December 2012  – Maya priests started off ceremonies aimed at marking the end of the current era in the Maya long-count calendar last week, with dancing, incense and rituals designed to thank the gods. The Mayas performed the “New Fire” ceremony at a park in Mexico City, but complained they have been barred by…

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Updated: Shift of the Ages Just Released – View For Free Till 21 Dec

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14 December 2012 – You may now view Shift of the Ages in high definition through the Shift of the Ages website.  It is offered freely between now and Friday December 21st, 2012. It is an epoch tale…a Mayan journey through time. People around the world will be able to view the film online in…

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21 December 2012 – All Is Well – The Beginning Is Near

14 December 2012  – December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the end of a particular cycle in the Mayan calendar. The next similar marker of time in regard to the end of a cycle in the Mayan Calendar is October 13, 4772, nearly 4,000 years from now. But December 21,…

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Cleaning House the Permaculture Way

13 December 2012  –  I want a clean house, but I don’t want to poison myself and my family, and I don’t want the waste water from my cleaning to be harmful to the earth, and most certainly not to poison the land where I live. My rule of thumb is ‘if I can’t pronounce…

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Schumann Resonance: Earth’s Frequency Increasing

13 December 2012  – Research is showing that being exposed to the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of well being. During his research Dr Ludwig came across the ancient…

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