Information about the experience of being an Earth Heal member

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Information about the experience of being an Earth Heal member

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Upcoming Earth Heal events

Earth Heal members will be automatically included as participants in all four group distant healing events coming up over the next year:

  • 21 June 2018 – Solstice
  • 22 September 2018 – Equinox
  • 21 December 2018 – Solstice
  • 20 March 2019 – Equinox

General info for EH members

Become an annual member of Earth Heal, and be included in all four group distant healing events coming up over the next year on the Solstices and Equinoxes, starting with the Solstice event on 21 June 2018.

EH members can register as individuals or choose group memberships that include family members, pets, friends, etc.

Members receive the benefits of regular distant healing work on their own energy fields, while contributing to the healing work being done for the collective morphic field of the planet.

Detailed reports of what comes up in each event, for the individuals who are part of the treatment, as well as on a planetary level, are sent to EH members after each event.

Why become a member of Earth Heal?

Earth Heal membership enables one to participate in all the group distant healing events held during the year at a very nominal annual fee.

EH members receive the feedback compilations and detailed reports after each event, related to the steps that came up during each treatment process, the issues involved, etc.

The group healing events are facilitated by Edna Spennato in Bahia, Brazil, who is also available for private distant healing treatments. Earth Heal members receive a 10% discount off private treatments arranged during the course of the year.

For info about our private treatments, please contact Edna: earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com

Our next event

Our next group distant healing event is happening on the Solstice, 21 June 2018, starting at 5 pm GMT/UTC. To see the starting time in your own part of the world, go to this link at the world clock.

You are welcome to participate on a once-off basis or as a participating annual member. To be included as a member, please register your membership by 2 pm GMT/UCT on 21 June 2018.

How to register as a member

For all countries, please go to this link.

Advantages of being a member

● You are included in all our regular group distant healing events, without having to register and pay for each individual event.

● The annual rates are excellent value for for money, with members receiving the benefits of regular distant healing work at a very nominal fee, even if it is not possible to have regular private individual treatments.

● As a participating member, you also contribute to the healing work being done for the collective energy field.

● Members are sent all the information that comes up in each healing event, most of which is not published on the net.

● The group membership option allows members to include as many family members, pets, friends, colleagues etc. as they choose, at a low rate.

● Earth Heal members also qualify for a 10% discount off all private treatments arranged with Edna Spennato during the year.

Our next healing event coming up during 2018

● Solstice – 21 June 2018

Feedback from participants in our most recent group healing event:

● 21 March 2018 – Equinox

Other important information

● Your annual membership will run for a year from the date of registration until the same time the following year, when you will receive a reminder to renew it.

● You will automatically receive feedback compilations and detailed reports, and be included as a participant receiving healing work on an individual level in each group healing event. If you want to opt out of an event, just send us a mail asking to be excluded from a particular event whenever necessary.

● There are various membership options, depending on how many people and animals you choose to include in your membership.

● Group memberships may include family members, pets, friends, and any other people or animals you would like to assist via our distant healing work.