Join Us For The Solstice Healing Event On Thursday, 21 June!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Solstice group distant healing event

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Winter Solstice in the South
Summer Solstice in the North
-All are welcome to participate in this event –
You’re invited to join us for the Solstice group distant healing event on Thursday, 21 June, starting at 5 pm GMT/UT. See this link for starting times around the globe.
Each participant will receive distant healing work as an individual and as part of the group, and will play a part in holding the energy for the morphic field and the planetary side of the healing.The June solstice – summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere – is coming up on June 21, 2018, at 10:07 UTC. Translate UTC to your time. For the Northern Hemisphere, this solstice marks the longest day of the year. Early dawns. Long days. Late sunsets. Short nights. The sun at its height each day, as it crosses the sky. Meanwhile, south of the equator, winter begins.

The focus of the Solstice event will be on setting the energy for this new cycle.

The area of life that has been given as the broad focus for the participants is “relationships, generally”.

On a planetary level, the area of life being focused on will be “ecological issues” and our collective ability to deal with the ecological challenges affecting us on a global level.

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The Power of Collective Intention

The Power of Collective Intention

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What is known as the “Maharishi Effect” has been proven many times: When a group of people focus together with a unified intention of love and peace, crime rates drop dramatically and the vibration of the environment is significantly raised. By joining forces with kindred spirits around the globe who are focused on the highest good of all, you can make a big difference.

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All people and animals everywhere in the world are welcome to register as participants in this event on a once-off basis, or by opting for annual membership to Earth Heal, and being included in all four distant healing events for the coming year.

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The treatment will include around 200 participants globally, and will be facilitated in Bahia, Brazil by Edna Spennato, working under guidance from the collective Higher Self of the group via the healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics®, pioneered by Edna in 1998.

Five surrogates in Argentina, the UK, the USA and South Africa will anchor incoming healing energy during the treatment process and will assist in the release the energies that are “no longer needed” on behalf of the participants and the planetary morphic field as a whole.
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Info about participating in the Solstice event

During the treatment process, each participant will receive healing on an healing on an individual level and as being part of the work done for the group of participants as a whole, and will also be anchoring the planetary healing energies in their part of the world, releasing disharmonic energy and receiving healing energy on a collective level.

We use a cutting-edge distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics®, and for those who have never before experienced distant healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

After each healing event, feedback and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment process for the group, as well as for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are mailed to participants.

If you are a first-time participant, please register for the event and send your pic to us at earthhealadmin [at] gmail [dot] com as soon as possible, and no later than 2 pm GMT/UTC on Thursday, 21 June 2018.

More about the Solstice

Waiting for dawn to arrive at Stonehenge, summer solstice 2005. Image via Andrew Dunn/Wikimedia Commons. Read more about solstice at Stonehenge.

What is a solstice? Ancient cultures knew that the sun’s path across the sky, the length of daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shifted in a regular way throughout the year.

They built monuments, such as Stonehenge, to follow the sun’s yearly progress.


Today, we know that the solstice is an astronomical event, caused by Earth’s tilt on its axis and its motion in orbit around the sun.

It’s because Earth doesn’t orbit upright. Instead, our world is tilted on its axis by 23 1/2 degrees. Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres trade places in receiving the sun’s light and warmth most directly.

Earth has seasons because our world is tilted on its axis with respect to our orbit around the sun. Image via NASA.

At the June solstice, Earth is positioned in its orbit so that our world’s North Pole is leaning most toward the sun. As seen from Earth, the sun is directly overhead at noon 23 1/2 degrees north of the equator, at an imaginary line encircling the globe known as the Tropic of Cancer – named after the constellation Cancer the Crab. This is as far north as the sun ever gets.

All locations north of the equator have days longer than 12 hours at the June solstice. Meanwhile, all locations south of the equator have days shorter than 12 hours.